EON Book Review

I find myself intrigued by this book the action the drama everything about this book pulls me in. Everything, keeping his secret in the dark is the trickiest. Eon is supposedly a twelve-year-old boy trying to win the spot of the Rat Dragoneye apprentice by showing of complex sword movements. The only thing is he is not as good as all the other ten competitors because he is actually she. Eona is her real name and she is sixteen. Then her secret appears to be slipping out of the darkness and coming to the light. Everybody knows if a girl uses dragon magic the penalty is death. Eona must somehow find a way to sneak out of this or face the horrible future that waits. Alison Goodman has done a very nice job on this book if I were to give this book a rating of 1-5 stars I would give it a five I recommend this book to whomever like loss, survival, and action.