A Hole You’ll Enjoy Falling Into
By: Adam

My favorite book is Holes. Holes is a book about a boy named Stanley Yelnats. At school kids teased him about his obesity. The kid Stanley most disliked was a kid named Mark. Mark was a mean kid to Stanley. He took his notebook and put it in the toilet! That’s not about the book though. This is: When Stanley was walking home from school a pair of shoes fell out of the middle of nowhere! Stanley was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. It actually wasn’t Stanley’s fault. It was his rotten pig stealing great, great, great, grandfather. He didn’t obey the rules of madam Zeroni. Then Staley gets sent to Camp Green Lake. This is where he meets Armpit, squid, X-ray, Zigzag, Magnet, Zero. X-ray helps Stanley out a little; he also gives him a nickname. Stanley’s nickname was caveman. At first he thought another person was but he realized he was! The rule at Camp Green Lake is your hole has to be five feet down and five feet every direction, when your done you can go back to your tent. If you find something interesting you get rest of the day off. Then Zero doesn’t know how to read, Zigzag is Zigzag because his neck is long, Magnet is Magnet because his fingers are like magnets, X-ray is X-ray because his vision is bad, Armpit is Armpit because his Armpits stink! I don’t know why squid is squid and Zero is Zero because he can’t read anything. Stanley and Zero made a deal that if Stanley teaches him to read the Zero will dig his hole. So they made the deal. Zero runs away, Stanley’s only friend ran away. So Stanley goes to find him. Stanley finds Zero under a hole did Zero die in there he wasn’t moving, but then Stanley thought will he survive! I don’t want to give away the ending so I stopped there. Holes is a great book, it was published in 1998. A movie came out in 2003. You really should read the book first. I recommend this book because the point of it is a very valuable lesson. There are actually two lessons, never give up on anyone or anything, and you can do anything you set your mind to if you really try. That’s my favorite book.