A Thanksgiving Guest

It was Thanksgiving Day, and, surprisingly, it was starting to snow. All of the sudden, someone said, “Ho Ho Ho!”

-5 hours later-

It was a party! Everyone was there, and, everyone was having fun! After everyone settled down, we had our thanksgiving dinner, then, we had dessert, when, all of the sudden, I heard pawing and prancing on the roof. Santa was here! After everyone was done eating dessert, Santa walked inside and said that everyone except my sister, Natalie, and Madison were on his good list.

He gave everyone except my sister, Natalie, and Madison presents. After we got them, santa said we could open them. I got a flip™ camera with touchscreen, legos, an IPod, IPhone, IPad, personal laptop, night vision goggles, remote-controlled submarine, sinkable titanic, AAA batteries, a new pet Betta, some fish food, a new fish tank, a filter, some decorations, and a remote-controlled helicopter. After that we went home and played around with the stuff we got. I set up my account on my laptop, and created myself as an administrator.

When Christmas came around, all of the girls who didn’t get stuff improved from 0% good to 98%-100% good. When Christmas rolled around, they were very excited. They kept on saying they couldn’t wait any longer. Finally, on Christmas morning they got there laptops.

The End