Adam's Student Led Conference Portfolio

March 21-22, 2012

3rd grade

Subject Area

Project Name

Why I am proud of this project / What I did well on this project

File / Link to Stand-Alone Page


Mario kart review
My minecraft review
I like it because it's one the most fluent things.

Aidacity is good because it has medium wave links.
Mario kart review
My minecraft Review


Land and Water
I think it's one of the most best explaining thing.
Land and Water Group S-2
Group 11 Ecosystems Aquarium Observation
Group 11 Ecosystems Lesson NotesB
Group 11 Ecosystems Terrarium Observations
Group 11 Ecosystems Vocabulary


Geometry Angles and Lines
Link to favorite math practice game
It had the most teamwork, it was amazing!!
My favorite math game!
xtt1 acs9 tjh4 Geometry examples.ppt

Social Studies

Michigan Places
It's good team work perfection


Genre Stories
Newspaper Article
Pearl Paragraph
It did well.

The best thing I ever wrote! (Not exactly).

It's very hard!

It's part of a story!
The death trap
A Hole You'll enjoy falling into
My ROBLOX //sonnet//
The Death Trap

Other Work

Microsoft Word
It is the longest work!!!!!
Sponge Battles
Adam's fun page


This year, I have learned a lot about using technology. I learned how to use saws, drills and sanders! Technology is a tool that can be used to search stuff on google and you can play games!!